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The Hance Family Foundation honors the lives of Emma, Alyson and Katie Hance by providing our unique self-esteem programs worldwide. We are experts in the field of social-emotional learning.



Our Story

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After Warren and Jackie Hance lost their three young daughters, Emma, Alyson, and Katie in a car accident, they had a choice to make: to give in to the grief or to create a lasting legacy in honor of their girls. They also wanted to support their local Floral Park, New York community, who had loved and protected them in the face of unimaginable tragedy. The Hance Family Foundation was created to give back to Floral Park by creating 3 scholarships in honor of their girls. In addition, Warren and Jackie wished to share with others the lessons they had learned in the course of their difficult journey:

Be accountable to others

Surround yourself with friends and family

Accept help when you need it

Forgive yourself and be patient with yourself

Find something or someone to be grateful for

Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer - focusing on others can turn tragedy into triumph

The Hance Family Foundation grew into a beloved symbol within the Floral Park community. Due to this support, the Foundation became more focused, and evolved with the larger mission of empowering women and girls beyond education. Their first program, Beautiful Me, was designed to enhance self-esteem, increase positive body awareness, improve problem-solving, and to help build healthy relationship skills for women and girls of all ages. Warren and Jackie soon realized that they needed to share their mission with more communities throughout the country. Self-Esteem Rising was created to bring the Hance Family Foundation’s vision to a national level, and to encompass all of the Foundation’s projects, including Beautiful Me, Raising a Beautiful Child and Empower Me. While the Hance Family Foundation continues to be a beloved local organization, the Self-Esteem Rising national initiative is helping to spread their mission to more women and girls every day. So far, tens of thousands of people around the world have benefited from the Self-Esteem Rising programs. With the continued support of the Foundation family and people like you, Emma, Alyson, and Katie can continue to make enormous impact in the world.

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 Empowering females in honor of:

Emma, Alyson and Katie.



Eight-year-old Emma Alexandra was equal parts scholar and athlete, with honors in math and reading as well as gymnastics, soccer, track, basketball and softball. She also loved performing onstage. Emma took her role as the oldest sister very seriously, looking out for her sisters and setting the perfect example for them: polite, helpful, caring and warm.



Alyson Elizabeth had a smile that would light up any room. She was protective and nurturing, vivacious and joyful. At 7, Alyson also excelled at both school and sports, enthusiastically taking part in soccer, softball and gymnastics. She was a smart and loving girl for whom acquaintances became friends instantly and joyfully.



Kate Marie, known to many as Katie, was very mature for her age – inquisitive and self-assured. As all the girls were, Katie was adored by her sisters and her extended family. She loved to dress up and had many, many friends, both boys and girls. Katie was a loving, confident, completely adorable 5-year-old, who embraced life and wanted nothing more than to bring happiness to her friends and family.

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Warren J. Hance, Jr. SRA

WJH Appraisal Services, Inc.

Jackie A. Hance

Quality in Real Time

Executive Board Members:

Robert C. Votruba CFS, MBA, Ph.D

National Financial Network

Bradley Katinas

Jefferies, LLC

Douglas Hayden, Esq.

Wright Risk Management

James Gill

Kathryn Tuffy MS. Ed, BCBA

Changing Behavior, Inc.

John Power

Con-Kel Landscaping, Inc.

Lynn Pombonyo, Ed D.

Floral Park-Bellerose School District, retired

Kerry Connolly

Mark Herbrich P.T., M.A., CEEAA

AgeWell Physical Therapy & Wellness

Dianne Heggie

Council of Family & Child Caring Agencies, retired

David Hance

MSgt (Ret) USAF

Caitie McCabe

Self-Esteem Rising Team:

Racquel Chariah, Program Coordinator

Kathy Mielnick, Administrator

Caitie McCabe, Marketing Director & Photographer

Allie Clouspy, Designer & Illustrator

Maggie Speck, Community Manager

Katie Geraghty, Creative Team Member

Geralyn Corcoran, Creative Team Member

Madden Tuffy, Creative Team Member

Hance Family Foundation Executive Director:

Denise Irving


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