Carmel Duggan - Teacher

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The school I teach in places a high importance on addressing the social, emotional and academic needs of every student. Therefore, The Beautiful Me program was a welcomed addition. I began teaching the Beautiful Me program last fall. The girls and I met during their lunchtime. They ate their lunch as we talked and completed the different fun and engaging activities of the program. It was such a pleasure sharing this wonderful, life-changing program with the girls. In the beginning, the girls felt uncomfortable saying the words, “I am beautiful.” However, by the end of the sessions, they held their head high, looked me right in the eye and clearly declared, “ I AM BEAUTIFUL!” When I met the girls in the hallway, I noticed them walking a little taller with a nice air of self -confidence! I am so grateful to The Hance Foundation for giving me the opportunity to help young girls build their self-esteem. As a mother of a young adult girl, I see first hand the importance of being comfortable with who you are. Our young girls have many different pressures that were not in existence when I was growing up.

I am breast cancer survivor, so I’ve learned how valuable it is to believe in yourself. When we do, we can deal with anything that may come our way. It is my absolute pleasure to share this wonderful program in the honor ofthe memories of Emma, Alyson and Katie. Thank you!

Alexandra Clouspy