Pam Higgins - Principal

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In addition to promoting positive self-esteem, another wonderful result of the Beautiful Me Program, for me as an administrator, is the personal relationships I am able to foster with my students.  During the workshops we meet in small groups, where we establish trust as we share our stories, lay bare stereotypes, and learn to embrace and model positive and accurate portrayals of ourselves and others.  Together, we build bonds which last beyond our time during the workshop. We transform into a supportive network for each other which lasts for years to come. The Beautiful Me Program empowers girls to live their lives to the fullest potential and it allows teachers and administrators to share in that amazing journey!


Once I introduced Beautiful Me to our teachers, through a simple email and video links to the website, they were hooked!  Beautiful Me consultant, Jenny Post, is both welcoming and inviting. Her teacher training is thorough and thought-provoking.  She made our teachers confident in their talents to bring this program to our students. This past week our teachers facilitated their first groups of students alone!  It was evident from the conversations, smiles, and the eager participation from our girls, that the workshops were a success. Our teachers are so thankful for this program which gives them the ability to connect with our girls on another level and to help build a foundation for a bright future!


Alexandra Clouspy