Alexandra Ostebo

Market Research


Creative Picnic's founder and Alaskan Native, Alex Ostebo, has worked with hundreds of commercial artists to establish, revive and grow their businesses over the last six years. An officer in the Army Reserves and an entrepreneur in her own right, she has a unique perspective to marketing as well as experience with creative direction, production and estimating. Creative Picnic is an all women owned and operated entity. Alex is passionate about promoting women photographers and directors as they are drastically underrepresented in the industry.

Why I Got Involved:

Because women are the most beautiful, powerful, wonderful creatures on earth and it's about time we knew that! I've been bullied and raped and body shammed; told I wasn't strong enough to make it in the Army, told I wasn't smart enough start my own business...but I believed in myself. If I have the opportunity to help young girls to believe in themselves too and fight through the nastiness and negativity than I want to take that opportunity.  |  (703) 268-3315‬  |  @creative.picnic   |

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