Warren Hance

President, hance family foundation

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Warren is the founder and President of the Hance Family Foundation, an organization that was started in the summer of 2009 after his three daughters (Emma, Alyson & Katie) were killed in a tragic car accident. They were 8, 7 and 5 years old. Warren made the decision to create a foundation that not only honored his girls, but focused on how his daughters lived. Warren focuses his energy on his 6 year old daughter, Kasey, and the joy she brings to his life.

Why I Got Involved:

Our foundation started in tragedy, but sadness and loss are not what we are about. We are about hope & optimism. My daily work at the Hance Family Foundation affords me the opportunity to talk about my daughters, to live a life I can be proud of, and to surround myself with some of the best people on Earth. Volunteering my time for others has saved my life in many ways. I see the impact a strong, confident female can have on others and I have therefore made this my life's work.      

Warren Hance