2018 Newsletter


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We think it's time our programs become a household name! Self-Esteem Rising was created to bring the Hance Family Foundation’s vision to a national level, and to encompass all of the Foundation’s projects, including Beautiful Me, Raising a Beautiful Child and Empower Me.
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BEAUTIFUL ME: Our educational self-esteem program for females of all ages. Females from ages 5 through 105 learn how to think about themselves with confidence and greater insight!
RAISING A BEAUTIFUL CHILD: Our seminar for anyone who is responsible for the care of a child. Learn how to connect with your child in a  unique way and elevate their level of independence.
EMPOWER ME: Our innovative seminar for women in corporate settings. Women in the workplace learn strategies to eliminate the confidence gap!


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Meet our friend!

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Amy Weissman

LMSW (School Social Worker East Rockaway Jr/Sr High School)

1. What effect has teaching Beautiful Me had on you personally?

Beautiful Me reminds me to love myself and to embrace all of my qualities. I have facilitated multiple Beautiful Me groups in the last three years, and during every activity I notice a different quality about myself or become more comfortable to share a story about my experiences. I have learned through Beautiful Me how many girls truly suffer with negative body image, low self-esteem and self-worth. Society, social media, and peers create an every day pressure to maintain an unrealistic and distorted sense of beauty. Beautiful Me gives me an opportunity to combat these negative views, to teach empathy, to experience appreciation for the physical qualities that can easily be taken for granted (e.g. the ability to hug your loved ones with your arms and hands, to grow a baby in your stomach, and to love your calves that carry you through the world), and to share that with the next generation of women. The wide array of girls that I have been fortunate enough  to share Beautiful Me with has also brought to my attention students who may be in crisis. Had it not been for Beautiful Me, I may never have had the opportunity to bring these girls into counseling and bring them to the help that they need. Beautiful Me is truly a life changing self-esteem program. 

2. What is the most meaningful impact you have seen Beautiful Me have on one/more females? We would love to hear a story!

In March of 2018, I was running a Beautiful Me group with 5thgrade girls. During session 1, we began with the girls reciting the opening phrases for each session, “My name is,” “2-3 things I like about myself are,” and “I am beautiful.” One of the 10-year-old girls broke down in tears, saying, “I am ugly. I don’t think that I am beautiful at all.” The uplifting and positive support from the rest of the group helped build her confidence and spirit. I watched the girls give her positive and genuine compliments. She truly appreciated their comments, responding with a smile and a newfound glow. During session 2, she was able to say the words, “I am beautiful” with confidence. 


3. How have Emma, Alyson and Katie inspired you?

Emma, Alyson and Katie entered my heart in 2015 when Beautiful Me was first brought to my attention by Superintendent Mrs. Lisa Ruiz during my hiring interview at East Rockaway Jr./Sr. High School. Upon returning home, I went online to research the Hance Family Foundation and to learn more about their inspiring mission. Stories of the Hance daughters persistence and courage, their bond as siblings, and daughters to two wonderful parents inspired me to honor the lives of three young, sweet angels. The ability of the Hance family to create meaning out of tragedy is a reminder that beauty can come from pain and that everyone can benefit from a positive word from a friend or stranger. Whenever I run a group in my office, I feel the presence of Emma, Alyson and Katie helping each young girl grow into a confident young woman. Their tragedy will always be in the forefront of my mind and their spirits will always be in my heart. The girls inspire me to live life to the fullest, to live every day with love in my heart and to appreciate my family and friends. 


4. What makes you beautiful?

I am a daughter, an identical twin-sister, and a sibling of five children, for whom I will always go to the moon and back; they are my world. My career as a school social worker brings me so much joy, passion and commitment into my life. Since middle school, it was always a dream of mine to be a school social worker. I love working with children; there is nothing better or more rewarding than knowing that you can make a difference in their lives, even if it is just one student. I am kind, sensitive, empathic, resilient, family oriented, goal oriented, hardworking, and compassionate. I accept and love myself just as I am. Beautiful Me reminds me that I am forever growing and that I can challenge myself everyday to be a better person than I was the day before. 


5. How would you introduce our program to your friend?

Beautiful Me is a wonderful way to learn not only about outside beauty, but inside beauty as well. It is a way to learn about yourself, about what makes you special and unique. In each session, I learn about myself – both my strengths and my “not-so-positive traits” – and that these qualities are what make us unique. The girls teach me to be vulnerable and to be continuously open to growing. The program is empowering for young girls and women alike. The lessons learned from these three sessions are not limited to the Beautiful Me groups. The confidence and empowerment instilled during this time transcends our time together. The girls learn to respond with compassion towards others, learn to tackle new challenges, and carry the newfound belief in themselves in their roles as daughters, friends, and colleagues. 

Warren Hance