Katie Poletti



Katie is a videographer/ photographer and 1st assistant to Caitie McCabe since the day McCabe made her banana bread in her dorm room as a trade for spanish tutoring. Her specialty is documenting automotive culture which fueled her passion project ‘Beauty’s Got Muscle’. It’s about the women in our male-dominated auto culture which stemmed from her own personal experience being a muscle car owner herself. 


why she got involved:

This has always been something close to the core of who I am. It directly connects to the reason I started doing ‘Beauty’s Got Muscle’- making sure all women know that they CAN. You don’t have to know every single thing about a subject to be excited about it and just because you may not be ‘the expert’, that shouldn’t keep you away from trying if you’re interested in getting involved. Anything that empowers women to know they’re an equal part of this world, that they play a direct role in it and that they matter is absolutely something I want to be a part of. I’m lucky to work with like-minded people so anytime I get a call from McCabe I know it’s something good.

Alexandra Clouspy