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In the U.S. about 18 percent to 20 percent of engineering students are now women, an improvement over the abysmal numbers of 25 years ago.

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We’ve launched Self-Esteem Rising to bring our programs to more females across the world.


Self-Esteem Rising offers a suite of programs that foster the development of self-esteem, self-advocacy, self-confidence, accurate self-perception, and leadership skills.

Our goal is to create a future where women feel empowered and self-confident in all aspects of their lives. To do that, we offer programs for schools, colleges and universities, parents and corporations using curriculums that include learning how to accept compliments, developing coping methods to turn negative thoughts or qualities into positives and tools to become more independent and confident in your own abilities. 

Over 65,000 women and girls have already gone through at least one of the Self-Esteem Rising programs. Every participant who has completed the program has reported leaving with higher levels of self-esteem, more personal happiness and confidence. 

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Beautiful Me is the flagship program offered by Self-Esteem Rising. This free self-esteem curriculum is offered to females of all ages in schools and organizations that meet the criteria.



Raising A Beautiful Child is a seminar offered to parents, educators, caregivers and others who are entrusted with raising children. In the seminar, adults are taught practical strategies and methods that will help them activate self-esteem in the children they care for.


Empower Me is designed for corporations and college campuses. This program focuses on providing the self-esteem tools necessary to find success in your career and teaching participants how to take an active role in creating personal and professional success.