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Social Media + Sharing:

In order for this campaign to work, it needs to reach as many people as possible. That means we need your help!


This is, first and foremost, a social media campaign. So we want you to flood social media with your  #ComplimentChallenge posts! With every “Like,” “Share,” or use of any of our hashtags, you are helping to bring this critical education to females across the country. Be sure to use the hashtags and tag @selfesteemrising

We also want you to reach out to your networks of people in your life to share the campaign and the mission of the Beautiful Me Program. The more people know about what we’re doing, the better off we’ll be. And don’t worry about what to say — we’ve made template emails for if/when you want to reach out. Just copy, paste and click send! Again, the more people you share with, the greater this campaign becomes!

Email Template: 


Hope you are doing well.

I wanted to share with you this incredible campaign called Self- Esteem Rising and the program it’s raising awareness for, Beautiful Me.

Beautiful Me is a free self-esteem curriculum provided to females nationwide. The program has already reached nearly 50,000 women and helped them believe that self-confidence is a superpower—once they start to believe in themselves, magic happens. That’s an idea that really resonated with me, which is why I wanted to hop onboard this campaign. The Self-Esteem Rising Campaign has two main goals: generate donations to the Beautiful Me Program and raise awareness of the program through social media and press outreach. So that’s why I’m reaching out. I want to bring more awareness to Beautiful Me, and I hope you’ll want to, too! With every “Like,” “Share,” and dollar donated, with every use of the hashtag #ConfidenceIsMySuperpower, and every social post about the Program and the Campaign, you are helping to bring this critical education to females across the country. I hope you’ll consider taking some time to learn more by visiting and checking out the campaign on Facebook and Instagram!

Thanks so much,


Press Release: download here


We ask that you be mindful of what you post, and be on the lookout for anything that could be deemed inappropriate. If it’s questionable at all, we ask you to use the "better safe than sorry" method, and hold back on posting that specific content. We also reserve the right to ask that anything that does not align with the mission of the foundation or the theme of the campaign be taken down upon request.


Please also be mindful of any commenting that does not align with the mission statement of the organization. We are fostering a community of respect and support and would love for you to engage in the community keeping that in mind. Empowered women empower women!





Of course! Please share this campaign with as many people and in as many places as you can :) You know the drill with this. “Like” and “Share”

Use the hashtags #ConfidenceIsMySuperpower #selfesteemrising #selfesteemselfie

Instagram: @selfesteemrising

Facebook: SelfEsteemrising

Twitter: @Selfesteemrise

Feel free to show our sponsors some love as well!



Yes! We will not include any names to any of the photographs and we ensure that no information about anyone under the age of 18 will be shared without explicit parental permission.



The No. 1 you can do is “Like,” ”Share” and engage with the campaign on all channels. Also! Share this with your networks. This has been an exciting campaign for all of us and we want to make sure the world knows about it. If you have any connections in your network who want to help with funding, corporate sponsorships, sharing, press, anything at all, do not hesitate to reach out and send them our way!



Yes ... a thousand times yes! Visit our donation page here to find out more about how to support Beautiful Me. Thank you for your generosity! Every dollar helps us expand the program to even more cities, so we are truly grateful. 



We anticipate you might have more questions. That’s cool. We’ve got answers.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to or with any questions.


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Campaign News:

We’re got a lot of balls in the air for this campaign, and we’re hoping that will lead to a ton of exciting news and events throughout the process. This is where you can come to find out all the latest updates, so check back frequently!


May 15

Billboard Reveal in Times Square!

On launch day, we unveiled a giant billboard in the heart of Times Square in New York City with images from the campaign photo shoot and messaging about the campaign and how to share.