Angie Santabarbara - School Counselor

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Our Draper Middle School Counseling office is so excited to be offering the Beautiful Me program to our 8th grade girls this year! This is our first year offering this amazing program and we are proud to say by the end of the school year, we will have positively impacted over 100 8th grade girls! I, along with our other two school counselors, Deb Wood & Kyra Grimsley, as well as our school social worker, Paola Cummings, co-facilitate the 2 1/2 hour Beautiful Me workshops during the school day. Moving forward, our plan is to offer the program to our girls when they are in 7th grade. Another one of our goals is to have each of our female staff members participate in a Beautiful Me session so they too can be empowered! The impact that Beautiful Me has made on our girls is remarkable. Watching the girls open up, discover who they are, and embrace what it truly means to be BEAUTIFUL is so powerful! Thank you Beautiful Me and the the Hance Family Foundation for giving us this opportunity to truly make a difference with our girls!

Alexandra Clouspy