Ayanna Greenidge - Principal

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 Upon joining PS/IS 266Q school community in September, I quickly had an opportunity to learn about the work that has transpired within the building through the Beautiful Me program over the course of the past few years.  We are fortunate enough to have our program taught by both teachers and staff that have demonstrated a genuine interest in and strong commitment to the program. These individuals were excited to carve out time within their schedule during the school day to work with all girls in our school from first through eighth grade!  What I love about Beautiful Me is that it is not a program that you have to work hard to get teachers and staff to “buy in.” Instead, I have had several adults in my school community inquire about how they can go about getting trained, so that they can participate in growing the movement taking place across our school!

 We most certainly look forward to incorporating the Beautiful Me program into our school on an annual basis, sharing the belief that as our girls grow, their experiences working through the lessons will become increasingly meaningful.  The program provides our girls with the space to engage in conversations about what makes them the incredibly unique and special young ladies that we are charged with cultivating from early childhood through adolescence. As a school community, we strive for high standards and academic excellence, but believe strongly that it is equally important to support our children emotionally as we develop well-rounded children. Beautiful Me is a key piece of that puzzle! Between the times that I was able to stop by during lessons, the pictures taken that captured priceless moments, hearing girls in my school speak about the difference that it has made in their lives, and the positive feedback from parents about conversations that they have had with their daughters, I can say with the utmost confidence that Beautiful Me is a part of the fabric of PS/IS 266Q!

Alexandra Clouspy