Liann Palmieri & Erin Harris - Teachers

Our school, PS 22, has a provided Beautiful Me for all of our fifth grade students and selected third and fourth grade students from this past 2017-2018 school year through two Beautiful Me instructors, Erin Harris and Liann Palmieri. As a school, we feel that self-esteem is a crucial part of the learning process and therefore it is important that our students are confident in themselves. We have even had our staff complete the "compliment lesson" school-wide in order to promote self-esteem amongst our staff! We have received wonderful feedback from our students saying that they feel prepared to face challenges and are more confident in their successes since they have completed the program. Next year we would like to expand Beautiful Me to our parents by holding the Raising a Beautiful Girl assembly to further educate our parents on the importance of a high self-esteem. Beautiful Me has provided joy and happiness to our girls and give them confidence not only in themselves but by empowering other girls as well. Thank you Beautiful Me!

Alexandra Clouspy